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Solecita’s Pride – portrait of a Peruvian Paso and Rider

Portrait in acrylic on canvas of Peruvian Paso horse and rider

Solecita's Pride - Horse and Rider portrait

This is Solecita and her owner Dawnita. Solecita was a Peruvian Paso horse and she and Dawnita did many lovely things together, including giving Alzheimer’s patients buggy rides, parades and other exhibitions. I just loved the original photo when I saw it. The dress is so amazing and I could just see the love between these two in the picture. Solecita, unfortunately, had to be put down due to DSLD (Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Desmitis) which is an issue with some gaited horses. So I am very honored to have painted such a beautiful memorial to her for Dawnita.

Horse Portraits in Living Room by Anne West

I thought I would put this photo out there so that people can see what my art looks like in your house. These are two portraits that I painted for a patron in Canada. The first one, over the fireplace, was The Masters. He was a harness racing horse. That painting is 24″ x 24″ on deep gallery wrap canvas. It does not need a frame. Framing it would give it a completely different look, so framing is always up to you.

The other painting of the white horse is El Pine, an old quarter horse. That one is 16″ x 20″.

I paint custom portraits of horses, and also do portraits of horse and rider. If you are interested in a portrait, visit me on Facebook at or email me at Getting a custom portrait is very, very easy. Simply email me a few digital photos of your horse/s and I’ll look through them and pick one that I think will make a really good portrait. I always work from photos, so the better your photo is, the better chance I have a making you an outstanding portrait. Photos should be hi res, in good lighting (not all in shadow), in focus, and close to the horse.

“Mr. Big Stuff” portrait of a chestnut horse by Anne West

"Mr. Big Stuff" - portrait by equine artist Anne West

"Mr. Big Stuff" - portrait by equine artist Anne West

This is a portrait of a gorgeous chestnut horse named Gopher. I am not sure why his name is Gopher, I guess I’ll have to ask his mommy. Anyway, the reference photo was not that great, but for some reason, it ended up making a really powerful painting.

As an equine portrait artist, it is my privileged and pleasure to paint your horses for you. If you are interested in finding out how easy it is to have a custom portrait done of your cherished horse, whether living or past, contact me at to get started. All I will need is a few digital photos of your horse/s to get started.

Below is the reference photo for this painting. It was an ‘accident’. The rider’s mother accidentally zoomed in too close and shot this picture. Even not so good photos sometimes will make great portraits. Try to get your horse well-lit, with a nice balance of light and shadows.

Reference photo to Mr. Big Stuff horse portrait by Anne West

Reference photo to Mr. Big Stuff horse portrait by Anne West

Poppy’s Paradise! A portrait of a horse

Portrait of a buckskin horse "Poppy's Paradise" by Anne West

Portrait of a buckskin horse "Poppy's Paradise" by Anne West

Here is a nice little portrait of a buckskin horse named Poppy. She was such a sweet little horse and very helpful as I painted her. If you would like a portrait of your horse, or to give a portrait as a gift, feel free to contact me anytime to discuss. I work from digital photographs that you provide, and try to capture the spirit and personality of your horse in your portrait.

After the Ride – Facebook contest runner-up

After the Ride - painting of horse and rider by Anne West

The reference for this painting was one of the runner-ups in my latest Facebook contest for best photo of ‘Horse and Rider’. I love the relationship between the rider and the horse here; so intimate, so natural, so much respect. I’m calling this one “After the Ride”.