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Nueva Actitud – Departure into Abstract Art

Nueva Actitud Abstract Show by Anne West at Spirit Lounge, Ensenada

Nueva Actitud Abstract Show by Anne West at Spirit Lounge, Ensenada

I’ve been painting representational art for almost 10 years now, and frankly, I was getting kinda bored with it. As I was trying to reinvigorate my creativity, I started looking into abstracts. It is something I have been fascinated with for awhile, and there are a couple of contemporary abstract artists that I really like So, after watching a few youtube videos for ideas and inspiration, I went to work. The result is my new show opening in Ensenada at Spirit Lounge on May 24th, 2014. You can see all the pieces under ‘Art Gallery’ above.

“3 Bored Amigos” Se Renta Caballos series

On Wednesdays and Saturdays the cruise ships come into Ensenada. Some of the tourists take day trips to La Bufadora, which I hear is THE most visited tourist attraction in Mexico. On the road to La Bufadora is a place where the local vaqueros rent their horses to the tourists for the short ride to our gorgeous, 5-mile long sandy beach.

For many people, riding horses on the beach is a dream-come-true or bucket-list item. Therefore, I am always really surprised at how unprepared many of the people are that come rent horses. Gold lame slippers, flip-flops, no sweater (it can be cold and windy on the beach), little kids, anything goes.

The vaqueros don’t care. The people climb off the bus and onto a horse…nothing like American…no forms or waivers, not even any instructions. They get a bunch of riders ready and one or 2 of the cowboys walk or ride with them. The beach is about 1/4 mile away and then they get a nice long ride on the beach. I get to ride for free whenever I want! 🙂

This is one of my Se Renta Caballos series, which means Horses for Rent.

“New Shoes” Se Renta Caballos series

I live in Punta Banda, Baja California, which is the point of land that makes up the Southern landmass of the Ensenada Bay. It’s a gorgeous area full of wild life and nature. Many of the local guys have horses, and when the cruise ships come into town, they all gather along this wall to rent their horses to the tourists. From here, they can ride a short 5 minute ride to a beautiful, sandy 5-mile long, mostly deserted beach. It’s a dream come true for many people – to ride a horse on the beach! I have made friends with the cowboys and have started painting them and their horses. This is the first completed painting of my new series called ‘Se Renta Caballos’ or ‘Horses for Rent’. Oh, and I can ride for free whenever I want! 🙂

Horse Portraits in Living Room by Anne West

I thought I would put this photo out there so that people can see what my art looks like in your house. These are two portraits that I painted for a patron in Canada. The first one, over the fireplace, was The Masters. He was a harness racing horse. That painting is 24″ x 24″ on deep gallery wrap canvas. It does not need a frame. Framing it would give it a completely different look, so framing is always up to you.

The other painting of the white horse is El Pine, an old quarter horse. That one is 16″ x 20″.

I paint custom portraits of horses, and also do portraits of horse and rider. If you are interested in a portrait, visit me on Facebook at or email me at Getting a custom portrait is very, very easy. Simply email me a few digital photos of your horse/s and I’ll look through them and pick one that I think will make a really good portrait. I always work from photos, so the better your photo is, the better chance I have a making you an outstanding portrait. Photos should be hi res, in good lighting (not all in shadow), in focus, and close to the horse.

Rose the Rottweiler

Rose the Rottweiler

Rose the Rottweiler

I worked on a little quick study of Rose, my friend Kellie’s, rottweiler. Trying to get loose and just use the brush strokes to create the image. It was fun. I am going to do something like this every day to force myself to focus on my art more.

Waitin’ on the Drive – Georgie and Ches

Waitin on the Drive Georgie and Ches

Waitin on the Drive Georgie and Ches

In 2010 I held a contest on my facebook page for Best Horse and Rider photo submissions. The winner would receive a free portrait of their photo entry. I am please to introduce my painting of Lori Faith Merritt’s winning photograph of cowboy poet Georgie Sicking and her horse, Ches, titled ‘Waitin on the Drive – Georgie and Ches’.

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