Buckles – Portrait of a buckskin dapple dun quarter horse

Horse Portrait of a dapple buckskin dun quarter horseThis is Buckles. I think he is a Quarter Horse, but not sure. He is a really interesting color, kinda buckskin but with dapples and a dun stripe! Very cool! I had fun exaggerating the colors on him.

This painting is one of my ‘specials’ right now, which is an amazing value, actually. This horse portrait is on a 16″ x 20″ birch board (which are super nice! I like them way better than canvas) and only costs $200! We are talking a custom portrait of your horse by a professional artist for $200. It’s a steal. I typically charge $400 for a painting that size. So half off for paintings right now!

And hey, if you have been thinking of having me paint your horse, get it now for 2 reasons:

1. I am super cheap right now, but my prices will go up as I become more well known and busier.

2. When an artist becomes well-known, their earlier works are more highly valued.

So, purchasing a portrait or custom painting of your horse right now from me is a double-whammy as a great value AND good investment.

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