Surf Paintings

Stress Reduction - acrylic on canvas by Anne West

When I was growing up in Santa Barbara, CA. my sister, Linda, and I used to surf near our house on the Mesa. I miss surfing and am working to get in good enough shape to get on my board again. I would like to do more surf art as it takes me to a nice place remembering what I was like to sit on the board for hours, staring out to sea, watching the play of the light over the ever-swelling ocean. Water is not blue — it is green, and purple, and orange, and peach, and sometimes even gold. It reflects everything around it, and sometimes colors show up and you have no idea how they got there. That is the miracle of the ocean to me. Let me know what you think about my surf art.

Off the Lip at Devereux - acrylic on board by Anne WestRincon Fantasy - oil painting of Rincon Point by Anne West

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